PebblePad Sets from Blackboard Groups

Some helpful information for you if you use the groups feature in Blackboard to manage your student groupings, and you also use PebblePad (where they are referred to as sets) with the same groups of students.

If your PebblePad workspace is linked to a Blackboard module or organisation that uses groups, these groups will automatically appear as sets over in PebblePad. You will not be able to edit these sets in PebblePad; instead, edit them in Blackboard. Any changes will be pulled through. Click the ATLAS link in Blackboard to make any changes update right away.

  • Automatic copying of Blackboard Groups into Sets will not work if the group names contain any of the following characters: “ ‘ < > &

As of February 2016, use of these characters will prevent the ATLAS link in Blackboard from working and from generating a new workspace. Please edit your Blackboard group names to fix this.

Thursday, February 4th, 2016 in Staff