Missing Blackboard modules

You should now see all of your 2016-7 Blackboard modules.

It has come to our attention that in some cases, modules are not showing on your ‘My Courses’ blue module box on the ‘Home’ tab or via the ‘My Modules’ tab.

There may also be cases where more than one version of the same module has been created and you are enrolled onto the wrong version.

It is important to speak to your faculty SAINT administrators as soon as possible to help resolve any incorrect Blackboard enrolments.

Please refer to your faculty below to see who is best to contact if you have any such queries.

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics
Administration Operations Manager: Sajida Manir
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Wendy Peel
School of Engineering: Jayne Towers
School of Media, Design and Technology: Karen Rowley
Administration: Irina Maclean

Faculty of Health Studies
Head of Administration: Hayley Preston
Administration, Specialist Skills Post Reg Development: Cilla Champaneria
Administration, Nursing: Kim McIntosh
Administration, Allied Health Professions & Sport: Jane Sheard

Faculty of Life Sciences
Head of Administration: Rachel Birds
Administration: Claire Edwards
Administration: Pauline Martin
Administration: Nasreen Akhtar
Administration: Karen Crosier

Faculty of Management and Law
Student Support Team: Louise Tomenson
Student Support Team: Tracey Hayes

Faculty of Social Sciences
Head of Administration: Tim Squire-Watt
Student services: Pat Wilson

Monday, September 5th, 2016 in Staff