Smart Clinic Event

A smart Clinic Event was held at University of Bradford  on 27th March 2019, where BLESS_U team from University of Bradford has presented a Smart Clinic operations using latest developments. The event was organised to perform smart clinic demonstration where a patients are equipped with personal RFID tags. The patients entering the Smart Clinic get identified using the RFID reader which reads the RFID tag and mark the status of patients as arrived. Furthermore the RFID tags can also be utilised to track healthcare equipment and patients in the smart clinic.


The following set of images are representing how different hardware components are interfaced together for the demonstration. The software are running on the Laptop which is connected to the RFID reader over a serial port. reader is connected to the antenna which enables the reader to read RFID tags with the range of antenna.

Thursday, April 25th, 2019 in News