4 must-ask open day questions

We’ve all been there at some point. Whether it’s walking away from an interview knowing you forgot to ask that killer question. Or spotting your favourite musician/sports star/celebrity in the street and not having the confidence to approach them.

Everybody, at some point, has thought: why didn’t I ask that?

The difference is, not many of us are in a life-changing situation when faced with that killer question. But choosing which university to study at? That can be a transformative decision for many people. So here is our guide to those open day questions you may be too afraid to ask.

It’s not too late to book onto our Open Days on 4 & 5 October.

How much class teaching time can I expect to receive?

No, this isn’t a polite way of asking how much longer can I spend in bed/in the pub/on the sports field; it’s a serious question.

No matter how long you spend in the library, or looking things up on Google (other search engines are available) you are paying to be taught by people who are experts in their field and at a place that specialises in the subject you are interested in.

Therefore, it’s crucial to find out how much actual teaching time in the classroom you will be exposed to. Also, it’s worth asking how this increases or decreases in each year of your studies.

Can we expect any guest lectures or industry experts?

If the place you are thinking of studying at is a university that can attract some of the strongest experts in your chosen subject area, then it’s obviously a highly respected institution. Worth thinking about.

Are there any grants or bursaries available to me?

University is an expensive business, no matter how thrifty you are, there’s no getting away from it. However the cost of studying, or the knowledge that you are entitled to the largest loan possible, shouldn’t divert you from thinking about other sources of income.

Believe it or not, there’s a treasure trove of money available out there which is buried in grants, scholarships and bursaries that many students just don’t know about. Whether these relate to the specific course you are on, or the area of the country you come from (yes, really), this is an avenue really worth exploring and an open day is the perfect place to start asking those all-important questions. There’s bound to be a student finance talk happening somewhere on campus.

What facilities are available for my course specifically?

If you know the subject you want to study, then a good way of choosing the right university for you is by using open days to look around the equipment and facilities on offer. This will have more relevance to some courses than others, such as science, medical or sports-based studies, but whatever topic you study, you want to know that the university is as up-to-date as possible.

Do the facilities look new and modern? If not, ask about whether the University has any plans to invest in the equipment on offer.

University is going to open up a world of opportunity and provide you with some of the best experiences you’ve ever had, so make sure you ask those all-important questions and make the best choice for you!

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