8 flights of stairs later…

Okay. So with the help of this project with the University of Bradford, I’ve finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon and start my own placement blog as a part of my Accounting and Finance degree at the School of Management.

Starting university is similar to walking into a black hole: you can’t see what you’re getting yourself into and… well, that’s it really. The only things you know for sure you’ll be doing are eating, sleeping and attending lectures. My first two years at the University of Bradford have been, in a word, great! From the good experiences to the bad, to the funny to the plain weird, to the times I’ve woken up for 9am lectures and thought “not today”, which has admittedly been more often than not!

In my placement year, I have come to the sad yet somehow fulfilling realisation that after my final year of uni, things start to get serious. So enjoy and make the most of your time at university, enjoy the holidays.

I work at the (drum roll please) Department of Health, in Leeds, as an ‘Assistant Finance Manager’ (it is as posh as it sounds btw). What can I tell you about my time there so far? A lot! I’ll start with the initial application. I really didn’t go through many applications before securing the job (compared to people I know who who robotically applied to many places). Not that I feel bad about it but hey, I had the right amount of interest and did a fair amount of research beforehand. Which clearly spoke volumes itself as it got me the position.

Anyway, I’ll run through my first day for you:

7am – Wake up to a ferocious alarm and stumble out of bed after hitting the third snooze button.
7.30am– Re-assess my work outfit, are those shoes really going to last all day? Does that handbag clash with my blazer? Am I going to wear that blazer? Is it too much?
7.35am – Snap out of Gok Wan mode and rush to eat breakfast.
8am – Catch my train to Leeds. (“Too crowded, not ready for this” is what I remember)
9am – Meet and greet my manager – wasn’t awkward because I was confident.
9.01am – Made the biggest mistake of my life by choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift. (I thought it was an initiation test and wanted to impress).
9.02am – Walked up 2 flights of stairs with a smile on my face.
9.03am – I’m now on the fourth flight, still smiling.
9.15am – I think I must have been on the fourth floor by now, still alive, strongly considering joining the gym at work.

I’m out of breath just remembering all that. So to sum up, the rest of the day was pretty much great from that point on!

Oh, here’s a pic of my wardrobe malfunction the night before.


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