A bit more about Uni life at Cal State Fullerton

Hey there, as promised here’s an update on my journey at California University.

There are so many groups to join on campus, it is important you do join a couple or just try and get involved in as many projects as you can to make the most of your stay here. I have joined the Entrepreneur group and AITP group.

As you get involved with classes and groups you start making new friends. Both are great groups which offer guest speakers which are inspiring and enthusiastic to advise you what it is like out in the real world and offer advice on applying for jobs.

Overall I am so pleased I have chosen Cal State Fullerton and they have chosen me, everyone is friendly and accommodating. Oh, and most love your English accent. It is important to introduce yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

students in lounge.

Business School lounge

It is not all fun though there are about three sets of exams throughout the semester per module plus pop quizzes and presentations to prepare for. Most exams are multiple choice and you mark them on scantrons which you have to buy yourself.

I have found the books are very expensive over $100 some nearly $200 each, so they offer a facility where you can rent books at a cheaper price for the semester and then return them, you can do this online too. The library doesn’t have a lot of the module books but has plenty of other books available relating to your subjects as supportive reading if you have time.

Choosing your modules is interesting as you have to choose a minimum of four for your visa requirements; I chose five as you can make up different modules from different majors. So I have chosen Intro to Programming, Intro to Advertising, Business Writing, and Understanding Business, and for fun I chose Intro to Radio, TV and Film just to mix it up. We are near Hollywood after all.

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