Adult Learners: What support have you been given as an adult learner?

As an adult learner at the University of Bradford, you’ll have access to a wide variety of student support services through the course of your studies. This includes, tailored adult learner support overseen by our dedicated Recruitment and Outreach team, as well as wider support for both academic and personal issues.

In this blog, our adult learners share their experiences of accessing student support at Bradford.

Headshot of University of Bradford student, Jennifer Buck.Jennifer Buck, Physiotherapy

The support from UoB has been nothing but incredible! As an adult learner who commutes to Bradford and owns my own home, going back to study was quite a daunting prospect. I’ve used probably every onsite service going this year to help me along!

The money and finance advice team helped me to work out how to make the most of university whilst still being able to pay my mortgage and bills. The Disability Service has helped to ensure that I won’t be at a disadvantage when I am onsite and throughout my exams, and Academic Skills puts on a range of optional courses where I’ve been able to fill in any learning gaps I’ve had after being away from studying for so long. The amount of support available to everyone is so vast that I can always find what I need in just a few clicks.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Wayne Ryalls.

Wayne Ryalls, Film and TV Production

I have had fantastic support from my tutors, but to be fair I feel I need less support than the younger students as I maybe have that little bit more life experience and can handle the challenges being thrown at me and manage the pressure better.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Kulchuma Begum.Kulchuma Begum, Social Work

The service that I’ve found most useful for me is the Disability Service. When I first started University I took part in the voluntary screening service (when enrolling) to check for any additional learning needs, which flagged up that I may need some additional support and an appointment was made for me by the Disability Service with an educational psychologist. They carried out an assessment and I was later diagnosed with having dyslexia and dyspraxia.

I had gone through school and college without knowing that I needed support for either, which explained why I never felt I was academic. The Disability Service helped me to devise a learning support plan that allowed me to work to my potential and they notified my lecturers of support and adjustments that they might need to make for me. The support available has enabled me to flourish academically and gain more confidence in my abilities.

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Headshot of Elzarie.

Elzarie Le Roux, Clinical Technology

My personal academic tutor has been a big support to me. We regularly meet up virtually, since I am an international student and had to complete my year from South Africa. It can get difficult to communicate with staff and students from a distance, coping with time differences and balancing work with study. The International Student Support team has supported me with regular updates and changes regarding the Pandemic.

During my first year I went to the Academic Support Centre, where they host a maths clinic. It is a support centre that saved me. I did not have any previous mechanics knowledge and I struggled with a particular module. But this centre helped and guided me through the module, and I am grateful to say that I received extremely good marks for the exam (96%).

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Tobias Pritchard, Game Design and Development

My personal tutor has been absolutely fantastic, I now class him as a good friend. I suffer with depression and anxiety, and the MyBradford support staff have accommodated me in a number of ways – including providing me with access to the Counselling Service.

Before I started at the University, I took part in a Step up to HE programme which was incredibly helpful at preparing me to start studying full time. Starting university is daunting, but at Bradford you will be supported by a huge network of staff who can help with any issue that comes up.

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Headshot of adult learner student, Julia Pennington.Julia Pennington, Biomedical Science

Whilst I have been studying at Bradford, there has been help available, should I want/need it, from many sources, be that mental health and well-being, general study skills or specific subject help in the form of peer-led lectures or one-to-ones with lecturers. Should my aging laptop fail, I know that I could arrange to borrow another to work on, I can book a quiet place in which to study or book an appointment with a librarian.

One major area in which I have received support has been financially. Beginning my studies in the middle of lockdown, with many people losing jobs, I had a hard time finding part-time work and only managed to work over the Christmas period. I applied for, and was awarded, significant financial help from the University, for which I am hugely grateful; it helped enormously and relieved the stress I had been under, which was beginning to affect my studies.

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