Adult Learners: What’s your favourite thing about campus?

The University of Bradford is a self-contained campus where you’ll have access to industry standard facilities, well-equipped study spaces and comfortable social areas.

In this blog, our adult learner students talk about their favourite places on campus and standout aspects of student life at Bradford.

Headshot of University of Bradford student, Elzarie Le Roux.

Elzarie Le Roux, Clinical Technology

Academically it will definitely be the labs. Being able to work in laboratories with the best and most advanced equipment is my favourite part of campus. I love to do practical work and learn from academics in the lab centres and using interesting equipment.

But socially my favourite part will be the Unique Fitness and Lifestyle Centre. Going to the campus gym is part of my daily routine and it has also helped me with social interaction and gaining friends with similar interests to mine.

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Tobias Pritchard, Game Design and Development

Being able to drop in on my tutors and pick their brains, the huge library that is wonderful to poke around – with help from the subject librarians, the café in the SU; but my personal favourite is the MDT Lounge, as there is always someone working on something cool. Studying computer games will always lead you into some very odd areas of study – to paraphrase one of my tutors – “playing with ideas and tech that doesn’t tangibly exist yet”. This area is where my cohort come together to create, chat, game, sketch, read and hang out with each other.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Wayne Ryalls.

Wayne Ryalls, Film and TV Production

Difficult one to answer really given the Covid restrictions, so I haven’t fully explored as you normally would but hopefully that changes from this year. The parking is great though as you can park on campus and literally walk straight into the building which is great if you commute like me.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Jennifer Buck.Jennifer Buck, Physiotherapy

I commute to Bradford from home so I haven’t spent much time on campus this year due to COVID-19 and online/blended learning. However, whenever I do come on to the campus, it’s always nice how friendly and helpful everyone is. If I can’t find where I need to be or want to find a coffee shop locally, I know that I can ask anyone and they’re always happy to help. There’s a real friendly atmosphere around the site and everyone is very approachable.

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Headshot of University of Bradford student, Kulchuma Begum.Kulchuma Begum, Social Work

My ultimate favourite part of student life must be working as a Student Ambassador. As a Student Ambassador, not only have I been able to gain confidence in public speaking, but I have also been able to develop skills that will no doubt be useful to me as a social worker. I have been able to achieve this by meeting prospective students both virtually and face-to-face and supporting them with their applications, queries about the University and student life on campus, to enable them to make an informed decision about their university choices.

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Headshot of adult learner student, Julia Pennington.Julia Pennington, Biomedical Science

I have so far been on campus only a handful of times, given the pandemic, but I love being in the lab. I feel like a real scientist, and part of a community. That, and the Starbucks!

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