‘April’ Showers!

Despite the fact that I found out that I have 6 exams, 1 mid-term, 2 presentations, an individual report and some group work to hand in, I was phenomenally upbeat. Yesterday was a remarkable day!

Why? You ask.

Rain. It was raining, and it was raining hard.

Am I strange if I’m happier when it’s raining?

Portugal boasts an amazing 300 days of sunshine! I looked it up. So that means for the remaining 65 days (or 66 this year) we should expect rain, or at least no sunshine.

This is a stark contrast to the United Kingdom, where we are known to have on average up to 170 days of rain! That’s almost 3 times as much as Portugal receive.

Since the middle of April, it had been raining on and off as it does in April in most countries (they don’t call them April Showers for no reason) and it was dismal and cold. I wake up in the morning and look out of my window and I see the raindrops falling from the leaves so delicately and I smile.

Yesterday, as I sat in my Strategic Management class, the lecturer opened up by asking us what we thought about the weather. He was sad about the rain and everyone else seemed to be also. He looked at me, “I’m fine!” I chirped happily, as everyone in the class looked at me and laughed.

“This is not normal weather for this time of the year..” he went on to say “but then again, neither is having 29 degrees in November”.

Gotta love global warming (!)

The class finished and I left to head home, but the rain was so intense it seemed almost impossible without looking like you’d taken a shower fully clothed.

So, I did what any other person would do. I jumped into the biggest puddle I could find.

I splashed and I jumped and I danced and ran around singing. People were pointing at me and asking my friends if I was okay and were wondering if I’d ever seen rain before.

Never have I been as happy in Lisbon as I was yesterday when it rained!

It just felt like home.

Toyin with umbrella on lamppost.

#I’m singing in the rain..What a wonderful feeling, I’m haaappy again!

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