Be more than just a degree

Arslaan studies BSc (Hons) Business and Management here at The University of Bradford. He tells us why getting involved in activities alongside studying for a degree is important.

Arslaan, BSc (Hons) Business and Management

How do you stand out from the crowd?

People have many different reasons for going to university; to pass with flying colours; to meet new people; to get a good job.

With political and economic challenges becoming more apparent, it’s as important as ever to stand out. When applying for jobs, it can be hard to catch the employer’s eye. Having things on your CV which show the employer you’ll go the extra mile can set you apart from the crowd.

This blog will look at why it’s important to do the things outside of your degree that can make you unique.

The Extra Mile

Understandably, we want to achieve the best degree possible – everyone wants to do the best they can. It’s also important to find time to take part in activities outside of your degree.

A degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee a job. Thousands of students graduate in the UK every year and enter the job market. Going the extra mile at university could give you the advantage and open up new opportunities.

Top tip: Have a look at the UBU Students’ Union ‘Get Involved’ page to explore volunteering opportunities, sports clubs, UBU Council opportunities and so much more!

I participated in the Accelerated Student Enterprise Programme where I gained experience in turning a business idea into a tangible enterprise. The programme helped me develop my communication skills, learn to work effectively within a team, build contacts and meet with investors.

Taking the lead

Gaining experience in taking the lead is a great bonus for your CV. It shows that you have put in the effort to develop and have taken on a role of added responsibility.

During my time at university, I took up a volunteering opportunity to become a Course Representative. I represented students at meetings with members of the Faculty Leadership Team.

I also took the role of Green Impact Ambassador at the Students’ Union, organising green events. On one occasion I organised a local clean-up in conjunction with a society and Bradford Council.

Supporting others

Many modern organisations want to see their employees go above and beyond for the team.

I showed my willingness to work within a team as Council Lay member for the Students’ Union. I represented students at Student Council and engaged in campaigns for the benefit of the student experience.

These opportunities provided me with vital experiences that boosted my confidence and developed my communication and listening skills.

A will to be different

There are great opportunities in and out of the classroom for all students to develop and improve their CV.

Most importantly, these opportunities provide new and exciting experiences that will be remembered for years to come.

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