Be prepared: Results day made easy

All the hard work is over, the summer holidays have begun and now all you can do is wait for your results, right?

Actually, there are a few things that you can do to make that all-important Results Day a little easier when the time comes. Here are our tips to help you prepare, so that results day is a breeze no matter what the outcome may be.

Register for a call

Waiting for your results and then having to scramble around and call universities is stress you don’t need on such an important day.

You can arrange for the University of Bradford to call you on Results Day at a time that suits you. This way you know that you will be able to discuss your options on the day without having the worry of calling the University yourself.

Visit our clearing open day

It’s important to make sure that the University you attend is right for you. Why not visit our Clearing Open Day on Saturday 17 August to get more information about Bradford before making your decision.

We’ll also be making on-the-spot Clearing offers, so you could end up leaving with your place at Bradford confirmed.

Our staff and students will be on hand to give you guidance and information about courses, accommodation and university life at Bradford. We have plenty of course talks along with advisors to help with student finance and support available to you– should you need it during your time at university.

Do your research

Doing your research and being prepared is the key to a stress-free results day. Think about the alternative courses and universities that are available to you if things don’t go exactly how you planned on results day.

Make sure you’ve had a look at which courses have places available. You can check our Clearing course listings or visit the UCAS website.

Most importantly, think about what is best for you. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time at whichever university you choose and it’s important to choose a place and a course that you are going to enjoy.

What is most important to you? Are you interested in studying abroad, do you want to get involved in societies or do a placement year? See what each university has to offer in the areas that are most important to you, this will help to make your decision a lot easier.

Enjoy your Summer

As much as results day can be daunting, remember, you have got yourself this far and worked really hard to get here, no matter what results you get on the day.

It’s so important to give yourself the time to relax and have fun before the hard work starts all over again. Whether you enjoy going on relaxing walks, binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix, or going to a festival; enjoy your summer- because you’ve earned it!

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