Billund, Here I Come!

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Bradford so far, and my course has given me many skills and abilities that will be useful in the design world. And they’ve already proven invaluable; I’ve managed to secure a four-month work placement at LEGO starting in August! Working as a LEGO Designer is all I’ve ever wanted to do, so for me, this is a dream come true!

I’ll be flying out to Billund, Denmark – where LEGO was invented and is still based – on Friday 12th of August, where I’ll be living and breathing the little plastic bricks for four months as a design intern. I’ll be living in accommodation provided by LEGO with other interns, so it’ll be just like being at university really! My accommodation is about 2km from where I’ll be working.

During my time there, I’ll be working alongside other interns and the ‘real’ LEGO designers to produce a range of new exciting LEGO sets. Using many of the skills I’ve learned from my course, I will tackle design challenges and come up with solutions to creative problems. I don’t know much about how or where exactly within the company I’ll be working – I’ll find out when I get there!

Hush hush

Pontiac GTO Red (Back w Door Open)

A little while ago I made this with LEGO Digital Designer – it’s a brick-built recreation of a classic Pontiac GTO. It was rendered in Bluerender.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to share anything much about what exactly I’ll actually do while on my placement, because LEGO is a very secretive company, and I’m not allowed to tell anyone what I see going on inside LEGO HQ! I’ll definitely take lots of pictures of Denmark though and tell you all about my time outside of work!

By the time you read this, I’ll already be there, possibly actually working. I hope my little blog is interesting, and maybe it will even inspire some of you to go and do a placement year!

Come back again for some Danish stuff!

Thomas Harding is studying Product Design in the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics

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