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The Careers Service at the University is a great way to get help and advice on work placements, internships and jobs.CV Clinic at University of Bradford Careers Fair.

They offer a range of services including a drop-in CV clinic as well as mock interviews. All of these services are incredibly helpful when applying for jobs and for attending interviews also.

students at careers fair.

I volunteered at the Autumn Careers Fair this year

This year I became a Career Ambassador. The principle role of a Career Ambassador is to promote the services offered by Careers to students across the University. I act as the voice of the Career and Employability Services within the Faculty of Life Sciences, and promote the services on offer through lecture shout-outs and by sharing posts on Facebook.

Earlier on this year, I volunteered my time to help out at the first Careers Fair of the academic year. It was great to be “behind the scenes” and help companies set up and feel at ease upon arrival at the University. I felt that I really made a difference alongside my fellow Career Ambassadors. It was great to be able to work with a team of students from different faculties.linkedin-photobooth

Every month, all Career Ambassadors attend a briefing session where we review all activities which we have done and discuss what went well and how we could further promote the Careers Development Service. This act of reflection is really useful in terms of performance review and provides a great opportunity to catch up with my fellow ambassadors.

I would encourage all students to volunteer! It is a very fulfilling and rewarding role, and your confidence will increase greatly.

In my next few blogs, I will write about my internship with the Student Experience and Success Team at the University, and more about my involvement in pharmacy.

Alykhan-Kassam-webAlykhan Kassam
Final year MPharm student

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