Det bedste er ikke for godt (Pt. II)

Hello everyone, and welcome to part 2 of this post! This one is just a continuation from a longer post on my Tumblr blog, cut down to two shorter posts on here. Anyway, to business!

Last Sunday, I went flying in a tiny little plane with 4 of the other interns! One of the Danish interns has a pilot’s license, and he asked us if we wanted to go flying with him. So we drove to a little airfield where this intern’s dad owns a small hangar and a couple of planes – because who doesn’t, right? – and then all squeezed into a little Cessna with five seats. Well, I say five; it was actually four seats and then a cushion with a seatbelt in front of the baggage compartment near the tail!

We flew to a tiny little island, landed in a field and then took a three-minute walk to the beach, where we had lunch. It was warm enough to go in the sea, although we didn’t actually have swimwear so had to go in in our underwear! That day was good fun, and although the plane made my head feel a bit funny sometimes, I’d definitely do it again.

I’m having a great time here so far, and I’m sure the rest of the four months will be just as, if not more, brilliant! I miss home, my family and my girlfriend, of course I do, but I’m sure the four months will go quickly, and I’ll get to see them all again soon. Until then, I’ll just keep myself occupied with building LEGO!

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