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I do hope that you are enjoying reading the posts on this site, I am being edified as I am getting an honest and true review of placements, exchange programs and the student life at Bradford uni.

Studying Electrical & Electronics engineering has been a joy for me up to date. I enjoy the modules I am taking and the teaching facilities that are present in the work shops and labs. This post will however mainly focus on the electronics part which is the bit I love the most. The teaching strategy is designed to educated one with the theory and have practical lab sessions to understand the principles or rather see them at work. The projects and practical work is also there to give students a chance to use the theory learnt to build real stuff.

The highlights of my course so far have been the projects , I enjoy them as their are hands on whether it be individual or group work .In my first year I built a radio receiver which actually worked! We had to do the circuiting from scratch and the housing for it.

The most interesting ones would have to be my second year projects, the oven controller and the speed gun detector (used by police to determine the speed of vehicles). The latter was a group project which required us to design, built and test the speed gun that would be able to measure the speed of moving objects in mph and kph. The groups consisted of 5 people and we also had to market out final product. For the building we had to build the hardware and the software for it in a period of 9weeks. The hardware design included , PCB design, drilling, populating,wiring, soldering, cutting and choosing of capacitors,resistors and other components that would give the best performance of our product (achieved by calculations). The software bit was to do with the programming of out PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) micro controller and the interfacing of the hardware and software.

Below are photos of the Circuits and Radar Gun  my group designed. All this was done in the Bradford’s engineering workshops, this just shows you how the works are equipped.

circuit board.

The labs are blessed with a lot of tools that are adequate for the students and also with lab technicians who are always there to supervise and willing to lend a hand.Putting all the components into the enclosure

The labs are blessed with a lot of tools that are adequate for the students and also with lab technicians who are always there to supervise and willing to lend a hand.

The cupboards you can see in the background are filled with state of the art equipment.I think you can tell from the smile in the photo that I am proud of my product and that I enjoyed the experience. If you are considering studying engineering at Bradford, I strongly recommend you to.

Simba holding a radar gun.

Posing with the completed product

Not only does the uni have really good lab facilities, most of the lecturers are researchers and authors which is an added advantage as they have thorough knowledge of the field, I can’t think of anywhere else that I would rather study. Below is a picture of a waveform on one of the uni’s analog CROs and they have the digital ones as well.

wave forms.

Visualizing the wave forms

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