Five reasons to study Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

You’ve probably heard a lot about artificial intelligence recently. In fact, you’ve probably encountered it several times today without even realising – like when you asked Alexa for today’s weather forecast, when you ordered your Uber to work, or when you clicked on a recommended product on Amazon. All these processes involved input from machines that have learnt to carry out tasks to make your life easier.

Arguably, the most talked about use for artificial intelligence (AI) is facial recognition – whether that be to identify criminals, or automatically tag users in Facebook photos. There’s far more to this exciting new technology though. For example, AI will be used in healthcare to diagnose illnesses and carry out complicated surgery. It will be used on roads to drive cars and public transport with speed and safety levels that humans could never achieve.

AI in business

Businesses are also starting to recognise the benefits of AI in their day-to-day operation. Companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors can benefit from using AI. Everything from process automation to virtual customer service can be achieved with the help of intelligent machines.

A big fear among some people is that trained machines will eventually take over, and there will be no need for a human workforce. Fortunately that isn’t the case – companies will always need employees, but the most sought-after could be those with an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence.

Master in-demand tech and business skills

Employers in the UK have identified a shortage of specialists with AI, data science and data analytics skills. This shortage means only a handful of companies are able to exploit the full potential of AI, and fully utilise their datasets to gain a competitive advantage.

Our new Master’s degree; Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, has been developed to provide employers with a new generation of trained graduates, ready to take on the roles that could revolutionise their business.

Here are five good reasons to study this innovative new Master’s degree:

1: You’ll futureproof your employability

The shortage of skilled graduates means companies are in desperate need of AI experts. Opportunities will only increase and become more varied, as more businesses discover the benefits of this new technology. Your AI experience may also allow you to branch out in future, into sectors such as healthcare or law enforcement.

You’ll also have the option of a three-month paid placement during your studies, to give you a taste of this exciting industry and allow you to build contacts from the start.

2: A technical background isn’t necessary

You don’t need a degree in computer science or artificial intelligence to study this Master’s programme – it’s open to graduates from all backgrounds. If you’re looking to change career or take a new direction in your studies, this is the perfect opportunity to open up exciting new possibilities.

3: You’ll develop cutting-edge tech skills

The ability to write in a number of programming languages is an essential aspect of AI development. This course will provide you with solid knowledge in a number of languages including:

• Python – often used as a scripting language to automate tasks in apps
• R – often used by statisticians and data miners for analysis of data
• Julia – often used in numerical analysis and computational science
• Weka – a data mining/machine learning application

4: You’ll develop valuable transferable skills

This isn’t just a tech course; you’ll develop business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, and learn to make decisions based on data, think critically, communicate effectively and work within and lead teams – skills which can benefit you in a variety of sectors and situations.

You’ll also have opportunities to achieve ‘micro-badges’ via Amazon Web Services and SAS. These industry-recognised certifications will broaden your skillset and boost your employability even further.

5: You might qualify for a scholarship

For many groups in society, the tech and business sectors haven’t always been easy to access. The University of Bradford has partnered with the Office of Students and a number of tech organisations to provide scholarships of £10,000 for 60 students from underrepresented groups who wish to study this course. This will make the tech industry a more diverse place to be for the next generation of AI experts.

Find out more

There’s still time to apply for a September start. Visit the MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics course page for more details on this programme, scholarships, career opportunities and application information.

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