Getting Ready For University

I got my results. I got into university. Now, all I need to do is get ready to go.

One thing I did not realise was how many emotions I would go through while getting ready for university. There are so many things to think about: budgeting, learning to cook, how I am going to be organised and the biggest concern that I have, buying things for my accommodation.

It is hard to do all of this because most of the time I think of random things while I am in bed or sitting watching TV. The first thing I had to do was separate everything into sub-headings and things that could come under one umbrella term. Thankfully, I had my trusty whiteboard that I used to keep myself organised in college.


Accommodation and buying things

Since I had an interview for my course, I had the opportunity of actually going to see the university. Whilst I was waiting for the round-up of students, I used my time to see the accommodation that was part of the university. One of the things I really liked was that it was within the campus and not that far to walk to and from!

The first thing I did when deciding what to buy was research what things the room already had, which was useful as there was already a list on the university’s website. One of the top priorities of my packing is my clothes, I am currently planning on buying some hoover-storage bags. With these, you fold all of your clothes and put them in the bag, zip it up so it’s airtight and use your hoover to suck all the air out. This is such an amazing, space-saving invention which really helped when I moved house.

One of the things that I am glad that my mother has taught me about already is when and how to get things on sale, which is how I got most of my things. I mean, why go to IKEA when you can get good quality pans from Wilko on sale for a reasonable price? All of my toiletries, like skincare and body washes also come from our home stock since, as a family, we always buy things in bulk whenever they are on sale – another useful life hack for a student on a budget.

Believe it or not, I have not made one trip to IKEA for any decorative pieces! I am actually taking some photographs that my sister took and I am planning to pin them up to my pin board to make the room seem more homely.


Stationary shopping is my favourite type of shopping – pens, colourful pens, pencils and notebooks are my absolute favourite things to buy and use!

Another thing which I feel is a must in education is an academic diary. I am a very organised person and also kind of old-fashioned since I write down everything I need to remember in a book, instead of using my phone. I mean, look how cute it is! It even matches my planner!

Emotions (a whole lot of them)

I think it is safe to say that I’m so excited to start university, mainly because I will be learning new things and starting afresh. Since my summer holiday was slightly longer than two months, the time allowed me to think about how I will be managing my time and things I will do differently to what I did in A-Levels. I have currently written down a list of my New Academic Year Resolutions, things that I will try to do throughout the year in order to help me become a better student. These resolutions are a bit general, mainly because I am only just starting university. Hopefully next year, they will be move specific and perhaps different!


The other half of me is basically full of worry. Worried that I will get to university and not know about anything. How will I cope with lectures and seminars? How will I cope with talking to new people? How will I cope with the workload? How will I cope with making my meals? How will I cope with living all by myself?

All of these questions remain in the back of my mind but then I realise that there are students everywhere who are in the same boat as me. I realise that I will have to experience these situations myself in order to answer all the questions, but not alone. I will have people on my course, my flatmates and even my friends who are going to other universities.

It is hard because I do not have one clue what to expect from university. All I have to do now is try to face everything with a determined attitude in hopes that everything goes okay!

Author: Mariam

Mariam is an aspiring blogger starting university in September studying Pharmacy. Check out mariamwritesblog to read more about her journey and life experiences.

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