Guaranteed to make you smile: Free hugs!

Bianca Olimpia Drotleff, from Romania, is the UBU Student Ambassador for our School of Management. She is in the first year of her International Business and Management degree. Here she tells us all about the Free Hugs event she organised on the Emm Lane Campus!

Bianca and other volunteers with Free Hugs signs

How did this idea start? Well, I come from Romania and in my city, Sibiu, there is a little group of people that organise this event every year, because they want to share good vibes with the others. And why not do the same at the University of Bradford?!


A big hug can make you smile and make your day!


A lot of happiness in the Atrium!


It doesn’t matter where you come from…it is all about connection!


If it is free…why not?!


Even if some people were quit nervous to hug strangers at the end they had a big smile…because everybody needs a hug!

There is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.


A hug is a handshake from the heart.


The staff were very delighted to see us! You can’t give a hug without getting a hug.


Some students’ reactions were priceless, they were coming to us with a lot of enthusiasm.


A hug is a great gift — one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange.

  • Give big hugs: check
  • Make people smile: check

And we ended up the day with a lot of energy. School of Management, see you next year with more hugs!

All photos by Hira Mir

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