Heading for China: Sichuan Summer Immersion Camp

This year, seven students from the Faculty of Life Sciences spent a fortnight in China studying and living with students from the College of Life Sciences at Sichuan University.

3 July – 20 July 2015

This series of blog posts depicts our journey throughout Sichuan and our meeting with the Sichuan University students. It also details how we get to know them through countless interactions, such as through food, culture and meet and greet time on the Sichuan university campus.

Towards the end of the series we delve into our own individual experiences throughout this entire journey and what we have gained from this amazing opportunity.

We are:

Anthony Chan

Fionnula Kerry

Katty Wadda

Majidah Khaliq

Abbie Bembridge

Umair Ashfaq

Radhika Dave

Getting to know each other

group-at-airportWhen we all initially met we were from a wide range of courses within the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Some of us knew each other from being on the same course but collectively as a group we were strangers.

Since we are the first group from the University of Bradford to attend the Sichuan University immersion program, we were unaware of what to expect from this experience when we applied.

The start of the application included a personal statement to be sent to the head of our respective courses. This led us to be interviewed, which included a mini presentation and some follow up questions. We were then selected based upon the interview.

The next step of our journey was acquiring the necessary documents we needed to travel, which included an invitation letter from Sichuan University and our visas.

Sichuan Summer School booklet coverSimultaneously we as a team got to know each other very quickly by producing our initial brochure to bring across to Sichuan, where we would be able to give them to the students we were going to meet to allow them to learn more about us and show the facilities that the University of Bradford and Bradford City offers. This allows the students to know where we came from, what our university is like and allow them to see the similarities and differences from the east and west.

After this we had our brochures professionally printed (Sichuan Summer School Booklet 2015) and were ready to fly to Sichuan.

We hope this blog can give you a taste of our adventures and show you a slice of Sichuan.

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