How did you meet your best friend at university?

We asked some of our students ‘how did you meet your best friend at university?’. Read on to find out their answers.

Saffron Campana, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

I met my best friend in first-year when their flat threw a party and invited the whole of our block. We got on almost straight away and would regularly hang out or meet up to vent about whatever had annoyed us that week. I cherish him with all my heart!

Other friends I made were through different societies (trampolining and archery mostly), or meeting at the Students’ Union – you know the ones where you said you’d go for one drink and next minute it is 3am and you are debating politics and quantum physics with a (lovely) stranger? And next minute you see them all the time?

I feel really lucky to have met and made friends with all the people that I have over the last three years!

Duaa Abdulal, BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences

I met two of my best friends in the first week of university. Funnily enough they both lived in the flat opposite to me in The Green and are also on my course. Truthfully, I felt quite intimidated by them at first (I laugh at this now because they’re not intimidating in any sense) but after a couple of weeks we became inseparable and we live together now. I met my other two best friends by accident, but they were, and still remain to be my favourite bad influences. University really wouldn’t be the same without these brilliant people.

Erika Creque, BEng (Hons) Civil and Structural Engineering

When I first came to the UK, a student ambassador came to pick me up from the airport and she was really cool. At that moment, I wasn’t exactly interested in making friends because my mind was caught up elsewhere but despite all this, when we arrived at my student accommodation she offered to show me around and she told me she used to live at this same accommodation before getting her new place. She walked me to my flat, we talked about my trip and the cold weather and before she left she invited me to her house that weekend for a house warming party. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

Laura Dinu, BSc (Hons) Business and Management

It is a funny story actually – we met on a karaoke night at the University of Bradford Union of Students (UBU). She was here for only six months and came from France. We bonded over our love for cats and gin. We ended up talking all night and having fun whilst listening to people ‘trying’ to sing popular songs. Following a couple of hours of fun, we went back to The Green where some of my friends held the ‘after-party’. We played card games, board games and we socialised until the morning. Two years passed and she moved to Bradford for her Master’s and now that she graduated she is in Leeds, living with another one of my friends and her wonderful cat.

Amreen Mehnaz, BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

I have many friends at university but I met my best friend (Tabby) when he moved cohorts from Mid Yorks. I still remember the first day we met while carrying out clinical studies. He looked like a lost puppy, bless him, and did not know which group he was in. I could tell he was feeling anxious so I asked the tutor if he could join our group. That was it, from then on we are like each other’s shadows. He is more like my bodyguard.


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