Life as a Law student at The University of Bradford

My name’s Suhail, I’m from Bradford and have lived here all my life. I study LLB Law and have just finished my first year and am now preparing myself to start my second year at The University of Bradford at the end of September.

Suhail, LLB Law

I like to keep active in my spare time, I enjoy playing lots of football as well as going to the gym often too. I also occupy myself by reading a lot and always ensure I am keeping up to date with the topical issues our country faces.

Why Law?

My fascination with the law stems from my realisation of how it impacts our daily lives in even the subtlest manners. Without it, we would be living in complete anarchy and it’s something I feel is invaluable to understand in the upmost depth; so we can understand the world we live in better and scrutinise the various laws and analyse its effectiveness in contemporary society.

I love how my first year studying Law LLB at The University of Bradford has allowed me to do just this, as my favourite module of the year (Law, Social Justice and Sustainability) allows us to question the role of the law in promoting social justice whilst making us scrutinise the law in terms of its success in doing so, as well as analysing potential reforms that are needed to improve its effectiveness in promoting social justice.

I would certainly recommend the University of Bradford as I believe the support you get from your lecturers and tutors alike is outstanding- you’re not just treated like a number here but as a valued member of the University!

You also get the option of doing a placement year in most courses at the University- something I am certainly considering doing in my third year as I think practical experience is something which sets you apart from your peers. The facilities are also exceptional; from the IT facilities to the large library, which has separate areas for both group study and silent study, and not to mention the PS4 in student central, where you can challenge your friends to a good old Fifa match!

A day in the life of a Law student at the University of Bradford

An average day in the life of my course entails a mixture of taught and independent study, as well as socialising with my friends during my free time.

Usually, the day begins with my first lecture, where our lecturer goes through the relevant content we need to understand for our exams and assignments. The lecture comprises of the full cohort and is always in a splendidly spacious lecture hall.

Once the lecture is finished, depending on the day, we usually have a break for an hour or two, which provides a great chance for me to catch up with my friends and grab a bite to eat, whilst conversing over very important issues such as the football at the weekend! Making sure you find time to give yourself a proper break is just as important as making sure you are fully concentrated during your lectures and revision time.

Next, I usually have a tutorial. This is a small group session held by the same lecturer you had in the lecture, however, with there being less people, it gives you a chance to consolidate your notes and ask your lecturer more questions that perhaps you were too shy to ask in front of lots of people. I feel like this really helps me understand the content better and makes me feel more confident.

After this, I usually go to the library and do my own independent revision for a while. I do this in the silent study area where the silence allows me to work and retain information to the best of my ability.

The future

My goals are to graduate and make sure I’ve given no less than my 100% effort in my pursuit of this. I then want to complete my masters in Law and then work in the commercial law sector. The University has allowed me to realise these goals as the advice I have been given from lecturers, who have been so supportive, has been exceptional and given me the belief that I can go on and achieve these goals.

I love studying at The University of Bradford because I love the tight-knit community feeling that is ever-present as well as the diverse nature of the people here.


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