Life at LEGO: Home Stretch (Part 1)

Hello again to anyone who’s still following me. Thank you for sticking around!

What’s happened since my last post? Not a lot, but that’s Denmark – particularly Billund – for you! Last Wednesday (14th December) I went out with some of the people from my time, as a sort of goodbye get-together. We went to Vejle for some drinks and dinner, which was nice, and my manager gave me one of the new Batman Movie sets, which had been signed by everyone in my project! That was a lovely gift, and I’m never going to build it into anything else – it will stay on a shelf to be admired.

At the weekend I took my bike back to the place I rented it from. Getting to work and back – and going to the shops – now takes a lot longer, but I suppose more air is good for me, right? Anyway… Before I took the bike back, I cycled to the strange sandy place that some of the other interns and I discovered a couple of weeks after arriving in Billund.

It’s a bit of a spooky place at the best of times, and at the weekend it was grey and foggy, which made it a bit creepier. The creepiest thing was an old battered caravan that was just sat in the middle of the path. It looked like it had been there for a long time, but I’m sure it wasn’t there when we went before…

To make reading this a bit more bearable, I’ll split this big post into two smaller ones. Come and see the next one when you’ve read this!

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