Life is either a great adventure, or nothing

Toyin Was Here written in the sand.

My Fabulous Beach Art! ‘Toyin Was Here’

I used to think that there was a pretty awesome in between.

That some how adventure was the stuff that happened between starting a journey and reaching your destination, if you were lucky.

If someone told me this time last year that I’d be where I am now, I probably would not have believed them… go figure.

On September 6th 2011, I hopped on a plane (I literally hopped, it was a bet) at London’s Gatwick Airport and flew 2 hours and 35 minutes to Lisbon, Portugal, to start my adventure at the Technical University of Lisbon at the School of Economics & Management.

students milling about.

ISEG University – Start of Semester

Six months and three days in, I’m still facing challenges every day, and having one of the most awesome adventures I’ve had in the longest while.

Being a University of Bradford student from the Fall of 2008, I started off with a Foundation Year in Engineering, where I progressed onto the Technology Management Programme on completion.

Tech Man (as it’s called) is an astute combination of Engineering with a little bit of Management, so you could say in essence that I get the best of both worlds, and with the opportunity to go abroad and study some management for a year – something that we never got a chance to look at in much depth – I felt it a remarkable opportunity.

Nothing prepares you for the joys and challenges that come along with moving to a different country, even if it’s only for one year, where English is not the first language and you don’t really know anyone.

Do you remember being four years old and just starting school? That feeling you got; new environment, new people?

As much as I love the UK and I love my University, my new adventure that is Portugal is phenomenal, unabatedly learning the language, tasting the food (and the apple juice), exploring the city and the culture.

Pastéis de Belém.

The magical Pastéis de Belém..a popular sweet in Portugal!

How rude of me – I never introduced myself! My name is Toyin.

Welcome to my adventure.

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