My Clearing experience: choosing Pharmacy

Faith graduated from the University of Bradford last year with a degree in Pharmacy. In her blog, she tells us about her Clearing story and why she chose Bradford.

Faith, MPharm Pharmacy.

My spontaneity has always been a blessing and a curse. Since I was little, I learned and gained a lot from always being open to new opportunities and experiences. Even though not every decision has come up with daisies, there are no choices I have made so far that I can say I regret. A great example is how I ended up spending the best five years of my life so far studying Pharmacy at the University of Bradford.

How it started

From a young age I have been stuck between my love of science and the arts, flittering between wanting to be the world’s next big scientist and a feature film actress. So, when it came to picking what to study at university, I was fairly set on something focused in biology, chemistry or healthcare. I realised in sixth form the academic route of studying drama took the passion of it from me.

Instead, I planned I would go to university and study biomedical sciences for my undergrad, and then pick from there what to do for my Master’s. Fast-forward to results day, my grades were much better than I expected. I could not shake the feeling that there could be something else out there for me, so I decided to give Clearing a try.

How I ended up choosing Bradford

There wasn’t really much to lose, so I put my all into looking up courses I had “kind of” been interested in when I started applying through UCAS, which is where pharmacy came back into the picture.

Although, when I started, it was something I did not think I could be accepted into, because I wasn’t the greatest at studying. This was my opportunity to shoot my shot and apply anyway. From there I narrowed down all the universities I liked based on what I could find online, such as:

• What was the structure of the course?
• What did the campus look like?
• What extra curricular activities did they have available?
• What the vibe of the union was

…and a lot more.

With this, I picked a couple and started reaching out. It was a while ago so I can’t remember everything that was said that day, but what I do remember was seeing all the beaming comments from the MPharm alumni from Bradford.

I remember the talk I had with the rep who was there to answer all the little questions I thought were silly, and I remember the lecturer who conducted my phone interview after giving me all the reassurance I needed that Bradford was the choice for me. And I was hooked, happy and excited to begin my new adventure at this university with lots of opportunities.

How I feel now

Clearing was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made, spontaneously. If it hadn’t been for that option, I wouldn’t have had all the amazing memories that I look back at now.

With the people I met, the clubs I joined and the degree I earned, it was the best years of my life and also the best start to my future. If I had the choice, I would make the same decisions all over again.

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