Seven week old kitten

This month has been one of the worst bearers of bad luck I’ve ever had, from my car breaking down, to a horrendous tip on the grand national whereby my ‘tipped’ horse died. Don’t worry though, I wont depress you with the stresses of the past four weeks as I did achieve something rather impressive too.

As one of my duties is to oversee email marketing for, I managed to triple the click through and open rates with a simple restructure and refocus. I’m attempting to crack the sales record in the time I have left, so wish me luck!

Well, that’s the taster of the past month but I’ve been thinking what I can write about that might edge someone along who would otherwise just be enjoying (drinking away) their university life. My one hint would be grab every opportunity with both hands, we aren’t in a job market whereby we can call the shots on where and what we do with work. If you get offered a course, go on it even if it’s not initially what you want to do or if you get offered a job in a sector you wouldn’t otherwise see yourself in, grab it anyway. 2 years ago, I would have never seen myself in events but now 2 years on, I’ve had two years in event management and marketing and this is one of the things that secured my placement which has simply been one of the best things/ opportunities that I’ve ever had.

I’m very lucky, basically as well as building a career in Business & Marketing, I also study British Sign Language and I’m currently building up work for an NVQ Level 3 alongside my full time placement and degree related assignments. I see this as an extra string to my bow and this falls in line with what I say about opportunities… if you get an opportunity that you wouldn’t otherwise see yourself taking advantage of, just do it anyway, you never know what might come of it.

I seem to have been lacking on the photograph front in comparison to some of the impressive blogs that I’ve been reading on here, so I’ll give you a few this month to get an insight into what I’m getting up to… from my glitches of bad luck to our new kitten Nala, just for good measure.

Now you can stop wondering where the title for the post came from, made you click on it anyway though didn’t it!

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