Sichuan Summer Camp: Abbie Bembridge

Abigail Bembridge, or Abbie, studies Pharmacy at Bradford. She’s also a cheerleader, and plays netball and badminton. Here she reflects on her Sichuan Summer Immersion Camp experience.


Before visiting China we had to work together as a group and be able to trust and rely on each other, a skill that we continued to develop throughout the trip, allowing all of us to make the most of the amazing opportunity.

During our two-week visit to China I had the most fun I’ve ever had, whilst learning a great amount about Chinese culture. Being able to converse with the Chinese students was an amazing opportunity as it allowed us to gain a better understanding of day-to-day life in China and how this differs from life in the UK.

I had an unforgettable experience and will definitely return in the future.

Most memorable moments

This trip has been the most memorable two weeks of my life. From start to finish it was daunting, exciting and very interesting, and has resulted in me making lifelong friendships with people from all over the world.

We were all very nervous before going to China as we didn’t know each other very well, but after a day or two we all formed a very strong bond and looked out for each other.

One of my favourite days was our trip to Emei Mountain. This is because we were able to climb right to the top of the mountain, allowing us to appreciate all the beautiful scenery along the way. As a student pharmacist, my other favourite day was when we visited the hospital but more specifically when we visited the pharmacy. This is because we were able to see what kind of ingredients they use in TCM and therefore gain a better understanding of it.

What I have gained

This amazing opportunity took me completely out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experience things I never thought possible. One of the primary skills I developed whilst in China was time management skills, as not all of us were able to contact the group outside of the hotel and so we needed to ensure that we knew where to be and at what time. I am now more confident when meeting new people as this trip allowed me to develop my communication and collaboration skills.

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