Sichuan Summer Camp: Anthony Chan’s personal reflection

Anthony Chan is a second year Biomedical Science student at the University of Bradford. Here he reflects on his experience at the Sichuan Summer Immersion Camp.


Being British-born Chinese, my adaptation into Chinese culture was much easier than my friends’. I have enjoyed the whole process – from the start in preparation, to having one of the most memorable times of my university life, by meeting unforgettable people and seeing stunning breathtaking scenery.

I have made lifelong friends in China and America, who I will definitely see again. Consuming the modern to the historic in culture, ranging from social to architectural and surrounded by the abundant greenery of Sichuan has given me an unforgettable experience that I will definitely return to again in my future.Anthony Chan

Most memorable moments

Before I went to China I thought I knew which would be my most memorable day from the timetable given to us – in my mind, I thought the Chengdu Panda Breeding Center would be my highlight.

Surprisingly though, it would the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project that pushed me physically, since we had to hike a long distance. The views of the ancient songmao road had stunning views with the weather being clear, hot and breezy.

Another moment that I miss and won’t forget is the dinners and the night activities I had with Bruce Chen and everyone. Those dinners and games we played brought us all closer to becoming true friends, and not just acquaintances.

Sichuan University campuses have ranged from both modern to ancient Chinese architecture with amazing facilities inside. The students we met have become my friends and I’m still in contact with them now through social media. Hopefully I will see them in the UK as students, as some expressed the desire to study abroad.

What I have gained

There are countless skills and memories I have gained throughout the whole process, which are both practical and personal.

Practically the skills I have polished are in organizing a group by: utilizing communication by becoming a liaison between teacher assistants and professors in Sichuan and by being the main line of contact with our group and the design team for the brochures. I have learnt several techniques in Photoshop necessary to produce a front cover for our brochures that I wouldn’t have had experience with before.

Personally I have made friends in China and America, which I will hopefully see in the future. I saw incredible sights with people I haven’t met before in Bradford and came back with them as friends and as a team.

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