Sichuan Summer Camp: Katty Wadda’s personal reflection

Katty Wadda is a second year Biomedical Science student. Here she reflects on her time at the Sichuan Summer Immersion Camp.


The opportunity to go to China was a blessing. It was so amazing to experience a different lifestyle and culture, to meet new people and to experience new things. Every day was unique and spectacular and taught me new things about the place, the people and myself. I feel like the trip was an absolute success for all the parties involved and I believe everyone came away from this having learnt something new. I would definitely love to go back and visit Chengdu again someday.

Most memorable moments

All the days in Chengdu were exciting. The activities were perfectly planned to ensure that we took something away from our experiences as well as allowing us to bring something forward. However the memories that stood out most clearly for me is when I reached the top of Emei mountain after four hours of climbing all 3500ft of it to see the beautiful golden statue of Buddha and the view of the luscious green area below.
It gave me a great sense of accomplishment to have been able to climb it, brought a sense of togetherness with everyone who did for having done it together, and taught me about Chinese culture.golden-buddha

And also taking the tour of the Sichuan University grounds. The campuses were modern and beautiful with museums, massive cafeterias, gift shops, ponds and gardens. The students showing us around were amazingly helpful and welcoming also. And I’ve made long lasting friendships with them.

What I have gained

I have gained so much from the experience, from friendships with a variety of people- which was an added bonus for my communication skills since the people were from China and USA. A deep and gratuitous appreciation for Chinese culture, which was beautiful to witness and experience, the importance of self-motivation for success which I needed when climbing the mountain, being able to work successfully in a team even with language barriers and also being able to work on my own. I will always remember the memories, treasure the things I have learnt and moving forward apply them to everyday life. I know that this opportunity has shaped me for the rest of my life and for that I am grateful.

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