Sichuan Summer Camp: Radhika Dave

Radhika Dave is a second year MSci Forensic and Medical Sciences student. Here she reflects on her Sichuan Summer Immersion Camp experience.


Ni hao everyone! To visit a country which is not only the largest populated but also has the second largest economy in the world, was a very fantastic opportunity. Extra ordinary experiences, awesome learning and fun filled activities were the highlight of the very proficient exchange programme. There is a lot to learn in China, what amazed me was the similarities between China and my motherland India. Though they are distances apart, I still felt home away from home. Same love and compassion, kindness and spirit, prevailed in the hearts of the people.

Most memorable moments

I extremely enjoyed each and every day in China, From visiting the Sichuan university to seeing pandas and observing their behaviour, meeting new people, visiting museums and understanding the Chinese history, culture and traditions and also being able to visit a few tourists attractions like the Emei Mountain and Leeshan Buddha. People around us taking pictures with us and making us feel so welcome was very heart warming.

What I have gained

To be able to learn about the glorious country and its culture and heritage brought about memorable moments in my life. I enjoyed the museums and the religious and spiritual side of China. I have gained the best of skills and experiences by interacting with new people and surroundings etc. Time management and team work were keys to this successful trip. I also learned a few phrases of Mandarin. Marvelous history of the country kept me spell bound. Meeting people and exchanging thoughts and skills created a sublime memory of china, which will bring me back to this country. Xie xie (thank you).

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