Studying from home- a rarely mentioned student

Arslaan, a third-year BSc (Hons) Business and Management student at the University of Bradford tells us about life as a student who lives at home.

 Arslaan, BSc (Hons) Business and Management

Feeling out of place at home

For many students, starting life at university can be an anxious experience. Many live away from home for the first time, in a new city with new people. This can be expected and there is a lot of advice on how to feel at home in this new environment. However, a rarely mentioned student is the one who studies whilst living at home. There are many benefits of living at home; saving money, the comfort of life at home and being well-versed to the city.

At the University of Bradford, such a blog couldn’t be more relevant. Even with such an environment, it can be easy for a student to feel left out of Students’ Union activities and general university life. Being a home student gives me a unique perspective on the difficulties and benefits faced by those living at home, along with the many ways to feel more included in the student community. In this blog, I will explain some advice for home students who are worried about feeling left out of the university experience.

Making Friends

Just like students living away from home, there are many ways home-based students can make friends. For a home student joining a club or society has an added advantage, being familiar with your surroundings means that you know the best places to eat, socialise and shop, so you can help other students get used to Bradford and socialise with them.

Becoming a student leader is another great way to make friends, an increasing number of home-based students have been engaging over the last few years. Meeting people in events on and around campus can be a great way to add to your contacts list.


With an extremely competitive job market, it has become even more important to have a unique selling point- something to set you apart from other candidates. This can be achieved through the volunteering opportunities at the Student Union and at the Volunteer Fair’s that take place at the University of Bradford.

In my second year, I signed up to become a Green Impact Ambassador through the Students Union volunteering service. I helped clean up a local fly-tipping spot. At this moment in time, I am a member of the Students’ Council, helping to improve the university’s environment for students.

Take Initiative

It is important to take initiative and seek opportunities at the university, this is a great way to make friends. Joining a club or a society can be helpful to meet new people with similar interests and immerse yourself with Team Bradford!

If you feel like you want more responsibility in a club or society you could run for one of the executive positions, this will give you an added responsibly and will make you feel like you are part of a small community.

Moaning is not the way

Many students complain about their university experience, however, do little to change it. As a Student Representative, I aired concerns about the university bus service to senior management, this and the collective effort of others led to the improvement of the service.

It is important to take action and get involved to help improve your student experience because doing this and getting involved will change things. This is the perfect way to get more involved at university and it is an extra thing to add to your CV, which is always an advantage for when you leave university.

Take Back Control!

Show leadership and make a change by getting involved with the Students’ Union, becoming a student or faculty representative, or standing for a leadership position within the Students’ Union. Whilst at university I have been a Student Representative and I am currently a Student Councillor.

I used these positions to air student concerns and take back control so that positive changes can be made for home students and the wider student population. Home-based students have been in senior representative and leadership positions and have made changes, this is a testimony of itself that change is possible.

Zeal to be different

The best way to make the most of your university experience is to have the drive to be different and desire to get involved. The environment at the University of Bradford can be exciting for home-based students and it also has so many amazing benefits, and it is important to take action and throw yourself into every opportunity!

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