Take the leap – don’t be afraid of going to uni away from home

Lorene.Hi my name is Lorene and I am in my final year of the Master’s of Pharmacy at the wonderful University of Bradford.

I moved from Bangor, Northern Ireland all the way across the Irish Sea to Bradford, West Yorkshire.

I always knew I would want to leave home for university, rather than apply to one close to home and stay with my parents.

During my time at university I’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks and today I am going to share them with you!

Top tips for students:

Don’t be afraid to leave home – your parents, friends and family will be there when you get back. Your friends will be jetting off to other universities all over the place and will all go back home for the holidays too, and if not, what a great excuse for a city mini break!

Living in student halls was the best choice I made.

Lorene and friends.
I was so scared about moving to a new place and not making any friends. Little did I know that everyone else was in the same boat. By living in halls I had made 11 friends on the first day (Miss Popular, I know) this was before I had even started my course. It was great to have this little group to explore the city with, which leads me onto my next point …

This place will be your home for at least three years of your life, so explore!

Make sure you know your way around campus, the easiest way to get places, especially at night and of course, the best takeaway in town.

Top tips for parents:

Don’t come across really needy when it comes to talking to your kids.

No news usually means good news. Your son or daughter might be having the time of their life or be one day away from a deadline they’ve been putting off the entire semester.

University life is pretty hectic and they’ll call you when they have some free time but sometimes a simple text or a handwritten letter will bring a smile to their faces and also remind them that you’re there whenever they’re feeling stressed or homesick.

Try not to miss them too much. They’ll be back before you know it!

My mum has always said that being excited about seeing me next is better than staring at my empty bed, with a tear in her eye, wishing I hadn’t gone.

Care-packages are the bomb-diggity.

The one thing students love most? Free food.

I’ve had packages filled with photos, food, stationery, Christmas cards and even a birthday cake. Nothing makes me happier than receiving these little pieces from home, especially when they’re a surprise.

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