The University of Bradford’s library – studying heaven!

Chloe studies Child Nursing here at the University of Bradford. In her blog, she tells us about her favourite place on campus, the library.

Chloe, Child Nursing

Studying is such an important aspect of university life, if not the most important! I thought I would tell you a little bit about my favourite place to study at the University of Bradford, seeing as though you are not currently able to visit and see this for yourself.

My all-time favourite place to study is the University library. Predictable I know. But it really is great. No matter what or how you want to study, there is a place in the library for you.

Areas and facilities

The library is sectioned into areas including silent areas, quiet areas, and discussion areas.

I like to use different areas depending on what I am studying. For example, if I’m revising for an exam, I like to use the silent areas so I am able to really focus. Other times, I may use the discussion areas so I am able to chat with friends alongside completing my work.

There are also rooms that you can book for group work or study/revision sessions. Many of these rooms have a computer which connects to a large TV screen, which can be really useful for your group studying.

The library is also filled with books which are sectioned into fields of study. For example, there is a health studies area and a nursing area within this. The majority of books are also available online which some students, like myself, prefer.

Laptops, computers and printers are also available in the library which are all super easy to use.

Lovely librarians, super staff!

The library staff are super helpful. There are staff to support you with IT difficulties who are located just next to the front desk, and subject librarians who are specific librarians assigned to support students of certain courses. Your subject librarians can be contacted by email, or you may catch them at the library too!

My personal faves!

One thing I love about the University of Bradford’s library is the location. It is right on campus and just a couple minutes’ walk from anywhere in the university, including The Green (on-campus student accommodation).

There are vending machines located just outside the library, which is perfect for a quick snack or hot drink when studying. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are shops in Student Central (around a 1-minute walk from the library in the same building) that sell food and drinks. There are also similar shops in the Atrium, which is located in a different building just a couple minutes’ walk from the library.

My favourite thing about the library is the opening times. The University of Bradford library is open 24/7 and is only closed on certain holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Safety and security!

Another great thing about the library is the safety measures. To enter or exit the library, you need to swipe your student ID in order to open the turnstyles. This means anyone without a student ID is not able to enter.

In the evening, the security measures increase and student or staff ID is required at the entrance of the building as well as the entrance of the library. Not only this but there is always a member of the security team sitting at the desk located at the entrance/exit. This makes the library a super safe place meaning you are able to study in peace, whatever time that may be.

I am sure that when you start your journey at the University of Bradford you will see just how great the library is and will grow to love it as much as me!

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