There’s no such thing as a free lunch

As promised, I said I would keep you informed about life on placement so here we go.

matt-farrarA big part of my job is email marketing but I won’t bore you with the process of learning the ins and outs of HTML, because you guessed right, it’s not the most riveting read in the world.  However an opportunity of a ‘free’ Emarketing course popped up in Manchester so I figured it would be silly not to go.  After sitting in rush hour traffic for 2 hours listening to Chris Moyles – who I really, really like (hint of sarcasm perhaps?) – I finally made it in to the very corporate, sedate, coffee and croissants atmosphere that was to be home for next few hours.

After a few hours of interesting facts I started to clock on to why the course was ‘free’ – cue the sales packs. Moral of this little story is don’t go to a free course/lunch expecting to only get the course/lunch. It did, however, reveal itself to be very worthwhile thing to go to, even if my timing was just as horrendous coming home – yep… 2 more hours of rush hour, M62 traffic avoiding white vans from taking off the front end of my car.

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