These life hacks will get you through the first few weeks of uni

So, you’ve bagged your place at uni and you’re getting ready to start your new student life. Here are some essentials and helpful tips to help you get your first few weeks off to a great start.

A doorstop

University of Bradford students voted this the number one must have at uni. It’s crucial to seem approachable and friendly in the first few months at university. Keeping your door open while moving into student halls is a great way to start conversations with your new flat mates.

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Ring pulls

Who knew how many clothes you had until you started packing it all into your car… Seriously, where did all that stuff come from? A good hack is to start collecting can ring pulls, you can hook them onto your coat hangers to create double the space on your wardrobe rail, leaving more space in your drawers.

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Shoe organisers

These things are amazing! Hang them over your door or wardrobe and store anything in them – shoes, clothes, accessories, toiletries, or even your secret stash of food.

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Stock up

Before you head off to uni stock up on essential cupboard supplies; cooking oil, stock cubes, tinned tomatoes, herbs and spices. It will all help turn your budget bowl of pasta into something that resembles a real meal – and it won’t go out of date for a long time!

Stay in budget

Make shopping lists for the weekly shop, although remember to buy things that can be frozen – meat, bread, vegetables. You don’t want to feel like you can’t join your mates for a takeaway or a cheap meal down the pub if they offer.

Reliable information

One thing you need to know is not to trust the internet when you’re studying. Sites such as Wikipedia aren’t always accurate and your tutor knows their stuff, so you’ll get caught out.

Your university will have a whole host of online books, journals and other academic skills resources that you can access – you’ll never really be able to use ‘the library was too busy’ excuse!

The University of Bradford offers the Summon service to help you locate books, journals and eResources.

Join in

We’ve all got social media accounts and there’s usually Freshers’ Facebook groups or accommodation groups out there to help you connect with people before you arrive on campus.

It’s nice to get an idea of what other people are like and what they plan on doing during Freshers’ Week. Who knows, you might make lots of friends before you get there.

Take a look at some of the Freshers’ events online and see what you can get involved in.

Try something new

You’re going to have a lot of free time outside of class and joining a sports club or society is a great way to meet new people. You can sign up to any society or even create your own. So, why not give something new a try when you arrive?

Author: Alice Gill

Alice works in the Content Team at the University of Bradford, and creates great content to help students make decisions about their future. Alice studied Marketing at university and one day hopes to adopt a panda.

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