What student support services have you used?

We asked our students, ‘what student support services have you used?’. Read on to find out what they had to say.

Esther Ikejie, MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy

I have used the Career and Employability Services. They were very helpful in providing information on local job opportunities, tips on a good CV, as well as dealing with the process of being employed as a Student Ambassador. This service is easily accessible, with frequent appointments available to students.


Duaa Abdulal, BSc (Hons) Clinical Science

The Counselling Service at the University is really great and is available for students and staff . There is a big mental health crisis amongst people at universities, so it is super important to have people to chat to. They are also helpful because they can help you with the impact that any problems may have on your studies.

Another service at the University is the Careers and Employability Service. Trying to work out your next steps can be a bit scary, but the careers advisors are so helpful and easy to communicate with. They’re also available throughout the summer break too!

Bryan Tsui, MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy

I definitely recommend My Bradford located in the Richmond Building and Student Central to any new students as they are the first point of contact to any student queries e.g. student ID card, letters for proof of address to open a UK student bank account.

The staff from the Career and Employability Services in Student Central have provided lots of help and guidance on how to draft a CV and an opportunity to book an appointment to get my CV and cover letter inspected by an experienced member of staff before I submit an application for part time job/placement opportunities.

Furthermore, the University has a designated job database for students to look for part-time jobs and placement opportunities related to their university degree for students to build upon their CV.

Erika Creque, BEng (Hons) Civil and Structural Engineering

My absolute favourite support service is the Academic Skills Centre for math. Being an Engineering student, math is the basis of everything that is done. The team hosts three math clinics during the week and they also have one on one sessions that you book privately for one hour and work on anything math related that you do not understand.

Having support systems like these, especially for mature students who have been out of a classroom setting for a while is so amazing. It gives you a place to get help and understand the information and not feel left out.

Saffron Campana, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

I have used the Counselling Service, I had a pretty rough placement and it caused a lot of stress. Being able to talk to someone about everything that happened really helped to break down the events and clear my chest as such.




Laura Dinu, BSc (Hons) Business and Management

I am really grateful for the Careers Service that the Uni is offering. They helped me get a part-time job as Student Ambassador at the UBU, they also helped me get an internship and secure a placement. The Careers Service were really helpful with giving me advice on my CV and cover letters and I was also able to book mock interviews with them.

The Counselling Service also helped me when I was struggling with my placement and personal life. They are really understanding and confidential, and they offer quality sessions and services that students may not otherwise be able to afford. Both services are conveniently placed within UBU so it is rather easy to get there if you are living on or near campus.

Zoya Naz Raja, BSc (Hons) Computer Science

I have used various student support services which have greatly benefited me. I used the Disability Service when I first started university as I was identified as having dyslexia and I was given a free educational psychologist assessment.

I also used the Careers Service to aid me with my applications for my placement year in industry, which included CV workshops and interview preparation.


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