Whats my name, who am I?!

Well here it goes, lets try to sum me and what I’ve done up in one blog entry….

It’s a good job I’m not supposed to write too much, as there’s not much going on behind the scenes. Basically my name’s Matt Farrar, and I’m in my third year on placement with a company called Superstat as a Marketing Executive.

I know everyone says it but, honestly, university is easily the best time of your life.  I have met my closest friends, made some amazing memories (some of which I would rather forget) and now shaped my career and my life for the next few years.

Starting university is nerve-wracking to say the least, and having your first experience sat in the wrong lecture isn’t the best of starts, however my first year was easily the most fun-filled and exciting period of my life.

My advice is to make the most of it, obviously do your studies and learn something, but make sure you have as much of a laugh as possible.  I joined the university rugby union squad, probably the best decision I have ever made, or the worst, but if anyone is wondering what to do in their first year, it’s to join a social group or sports team.

After a year of enjoying myself and making the most I figured it’s time to get my head down. To cut a story short I applied for a few placements and I’m now working sat in the office writing this.  If there was a moral behind this snippet of my past three years, it’s to make the most but to remember you’re paying for it. But you have my permission to forget on a Thursday morning when you’re peeling yourself off your mates sofa feeling the wrath of the night before.

I intend to be updating this blog once a month, so if you’re wanting to know what life is like on placement, feel free to have a read. If not… have a read anyway.

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