6 activities to keep you busy over the winter break

Spend time with family

Whether you’ve missed your time at home or not, make sure you spend time catching up with your family. Don’t take this time with loved ones for granted, enjoy it!

Binge watch TV

Cold winter nights are the perfect excuse to wrap up warm in front of the fire and binge watch that new TV series you’ve been meaning to watch.

Organise a reunion

All of your mates are finally all back in your hometown for the first time since the summer. Why not plan a big group meal or night out to catch up with everyone?

Don’t forget to study

You’ve definitely earned this time off but don’t just close your laptop, put down the books and wish your exams away. Studying little and often throughout the winter break will keep your mind fresh and ready for them exams in January.

Here are some revision tips to get you through (don’t worry, you’ll do great!).

Hit the sales

Everybody loves to bag a bargain, so good luck if you feel brave enough to battle the masses at the Boxing Day sales. If not, make a brew and do it all online!

Set some New Year’s resolutions

We all do it and they usually last a maximum of six days. But why not make 2018 the year you try something new? Rather than vowing to ‘join the gym’ consider joining at least one of the 100+ UBU sports clubs or societies.

Author: Alice Gill

Alice works in the Content Team at the University of Bradford, and creates great content to help students make decisions about their future. Alice studied Marketing at university and one day hopes to adopt a panda.

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