From Class of 2020 to Class of 2021 – Congratulations!


Congratulations from the Class of 2020!

Here we share some messages sent to you from graduates of last year, perhaps the only graduates who know about the particular challenges you faced and overcame. Well done.

‘Huge congratulations to you all, the Class of 2021! You did it. You completed your degree and in such difficult times too. So well done. Be very proud of yourself! Good luck in your next venture! You will be needed now more than ever.’  –  Jenna.

Congratulations graduates! 🎓 It has been an incredibly difficult couple of years in the rise of the pandemic, but you have accomplished a massive achievement and for that you should be so proud of yourselves! 🥳 I graduated last year and went on to do a PGCE secondary in Psychology. As someone who also suffers with anxiety I didn’t think that I would be cut out for teaching and there were times where I doubted and questioned myself, but to my amazement I have learnt so much and come so far! You too can do the same, so don’t let yourself or anyone ever tell you that you are not capable, because you absolutely are, and just remember that your mental health status does not define you or determine your success, you do! I wish you all the very best for the future! Good luck’  – Jamie Hawkins

Person with arms crossed standing on beach

Tom Kemna

Start chasing your dreams today, define your goals and go for it! Where there is a will there is a way, because for those that do not give up; no road will be impassable. Sometimes you must take the risk to find out. If you don’t try you won’t know and all you can do is regret the doubt!
“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”
JUST DO IT!!’ – Tom Kemna, MSc Logistics, Supply Chain and Data Analytics

Person standing in front of cliffs and coastline

Sze-hang Ko

A massive, big thumbs up to the completion of your degree! You have finally made it through after these hectic 3 years. All the best to job hunting, future studies, or whatever you will be doing! It’s no better time to GIVE INVENTION LIGHT and MAKING KNOWLEDGE WORK!’ -Sze-hang Ko, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy


Congratulations Class of 2021! You’ve made it through the hours of studying and multitasking. You sacrificed your personal time and have gained a wealth of knowledge and that nobody can take away from you. Use it. New opportunities will be coming your way… perhaps not in the specific way you envisioned… do not be afraid to take a chance and seize it. If it is not for you, do not be afraid to walk away. There is a life lesson in every encounter good or bad. Reflect and grow. Never stop growing and improving yourself’ – Mutinta Namasiku Chaambwa


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