How and why did you choose to come to Bradford?
During my last year of high school, I decided that I wanted to study abroad. I researched for universities in the UK, which led me to book an appointment with an education consultancy agency for studying in the UK. After an evaluation of certain university options within the UK, I choose to apply to Bradford University. I choose Bradford University, because it offered a very inclusive and diverse student community and due to the excellent reputation of the University’s Business School.

How was your experience of studying at Bradford?
My university experience was amazing. I made a lot of friendships and networking with great people on and outside of my course.
When I was starting my academic journey at Bradford University, I was overwhelmed as it was my first time away from home, but even from the first days at the campus I was introduced to several societies and student communities.

How did studying at Bradford help you achieve your career goals/get you to where you are today?
With Bradford University I was able to travel abroad and take part in entrepreneurial competitions, and secure two summer internships and a part time job within my three years of studying, as I was always supported and encouraged by the university’s academic staff and careers services. Those opportunities made my living experiences memorable and unchallenging. Moreover, I gained so much practical skills through my courses in order to be ready to start my professional career.

What is your favourite memory?
My favourite memory, from studying at the University of Bradford is being part of societies and being able to organise student events.

In my second year of studies, I was an Executive Member of Hellenic and Cypriot Society where I was supporting delivery events, (student parties, cultural celebrations, daytrips, game nights) and participating in teamwork activities such as (RAG charity, food festival). Through these experiences I made so many friends and I created some of my best memories during my academic years.
My favourite University event was Intramural, where I had a great time working as a team with my friends and enjoyed two days of sport activities and parties.

My most transformative during my studies was when I got accepted on my first summer internship. I was so grateful that the university gave me the opportunity to get some real-life work experience and the chance to enhance my skills and expand my knowledge within the business sector.

What types of jobs were you looking for after you graduated?

I am interested in marketing and branding job opportunities, where I can be a part of a team and gain valuable experiences and start my career. In order to find job opportunities, I was visiting the universities job platform and visiting the careers department where they gave me many tips and informed me about relevant job vacancies. Due to the pandemic job opportunities are slightly decreased but there many job opportunities platforms online and with the University. My advice to student looking for jobs, is to daily check for job vacancies, always updating and alter the CV content in relation to the job requirement and at last create a network either online or through job fairs.

Tell us more about your Summer work experience.

During the summer I was a Marketing Intern for AVIE which is a luxury slow fashion brand. I was helping as an assistant stylist on photoshoots, creating a Marketing plan for 2021 and content for the company’s blog page. Another responsibility was to introduce ideas for approaching new customers or customer segments and implement a market-competitors analysis. The best aspect of the job is that it was within the fashion sector that I have always wanted to be part of from a marketing and branding perspective as I find it interesting, creative and exciting as it combines my two interests regarding marketing and fashion. The most stressful aspect was that trends and news within the business and fashion sector are changing continuously, so I had to be always informed with the latest news and be able to stay relevant towards my responsibilities and be innovative at the same time.

Please tell us about any hobbies and interests you have, and did you develop any of these at Bradford while being a student?

When I was a student at Bradford University, I started to volunteer for different events and causes, such as organising a Christmas dinner for elderly and RAG volunteering program (spinning). I was introduced to volunteering through the university’s websites and I really enjoyed being part of a team, meeting new people and engaging in supportive and fun activities.

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