Optometry Reunion – September 2019

After 20 years it was a huge pleasure to return to Bradford University. Not only did our Optometry careers begin here in 1996, it was the start of our most cherished and enduring friendships and for others, the beginning of much more…

As soon as we met outside the Richmond Building we were transported back through nostalgic wonder to the mid 90s where we first met, fresher faced and eager but with no less enthusiasm for our arrival in the City of Bradford. Doug, our most excellent University tour guide proceeded to show us around our old stomping grounds. Struggling at times to control the reborn youthful exuberance and excitement of a group 15-20 year his senior,  Doug did an amazing job. It was fantastic to see how the University has developed and although there was some lamenting the loss of our beloved haunts, it in no way detracted from the joy filled emotions of being back.

What would a return to Bradford be without a curry? Onto Mumtaz we trekked for another legendary meal with more of our old colleagues returning to join us. And finally, to round off the evening, onto the Escape bar where the one and only DJ Furi took to the wheels of steel to complete a truly special night to the backdrop of classic 90s tunes and rewinds.

More beautiful memories to add to those which already warm our hearts.

Bradford University, we salute you.
Much Love
B99 Crew
You know who you are….

(Written by Aneel Suri, Sept 2019)

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