Seven rules for a successful career after your graduation

7 tips for your career after graduation

Graduation is an exciting time for every student.

Here are seven rules to help you confidently move forward and succeed in your career.

1. Be clear about what you want in a career.

A career without a goal is a like a ship without direction in the huge ocean. It will float wherever the waves will take it and without, the worst part, knowing where it will end up. Don’t ever let that happen to you, my friend.

Before you leave the University of Bradford set yourself a clear goal. It will bring reason to your living, purpose, to your days and passion in your heart.

2. Take calculated risks.

Expecting your career journey to be a smooth ride, can be a mistake. Manage the risks and take that next bold step anyway.

3. Be an excellent money manager.

Very soon your financial picture will probably change. You might have education loans to pay off and you might need funds to manage your next career move or project.

Don’t wait to get rich to start managing your money. Start managing right away, so that you can achieve your financial dreams ASAP.

4. Be an effective time manager.

The world will give you plenty of opportunities to waste your time. It’s a trap. Spend more time on the things that matter the most and spend as little time on the things that matter less.

5. Never Stop your continuous improvement.

You can become more employable by developing some additional skills such as developing your self-confidence, negotiation skills, networking skills etc. This will not only broaden your job and career prospects but also boost your wisdom.

6. Don’t wait to be perfect in everything, you may never be.

Many graduates make this mistake. You don’t have to be great to start however you have to start to become great.

7. Make and maintain your friendships

Make an effort to stay in touch with the friends closest to you now and make new friends even as you get busy with your career. You never know, they might help you get that dream job or your key business contact.

All the best my friends. See big dreams and make them happen.

Success Coach Nilesh

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Nilesh WaghchoudeNilesh Waghchoude (aka Success Coach Nilesh) is a University of Bradford alumnus having graduated with an MBA from the School of Management in 2008. He is a Bestselling Author, Branding Expert and International Speaker. He works in the arena of Entrepreneurship Development, Building Self-Confidence and helping Business Growth via Accelerated Success Techniques ®. Read more at

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