Thomas Whitford-Bartle: BSc Psychology 2015

My journey at the University of Bradford has spanned just over 6 years, beginning in September 2012 and has taken me, at the time of writing this blog, to the present moment in March 2019.

This Journey has seen me earn a degree in Psychology, hold three professional positions after graduating and numerous part-time jobs as a student. However, most importantly, my time at the University of Bradford has provided me with several opportunities for self-development, connected me with people who I am proud to call my friends and allowed me to meet my girlfriend.

Myself and my partner, Elena, at MyLahore, a restaurant which will be familiar to most students of Bradford over the past 10 years.

Myself and wider friend group on our Graduation day.

Growing in confidence due to forging new friendships
As aforementioned, besides from the education I received and the career opportunities given to me, the best gift been at the University of Bradford gave me was a refreshing sense of self-belief and confidence. When I first arrived at the University of Bradford I was shy, socially anxious and very introverted. My first few weeks, saw me treat University very much like school, I would go to lectures and then head home. This meant I was not maximising the University experience and due to my own ignorance, not grasping opportunities and exiting my comfort zone. However, this would all change soon, when after a lab class a fellow psych student invited me to lunch with other classmates. From this point on, I had a group of friends to socialise with and our friendship would go from strength to strength over the next two years.  Having such a group of positive friends, they challenged my low self-perception and encouraged me to exit my comfort zone. This encouragement saw me try my hand at salsa, apply for job opportunities I would have previously seen out of my reach, nominate myself for the Vice-President role in the Psych society and as a course representative.

We all supported each other’s University journeys, which ensured lots of late shifts in the library, pushing each other to stay an extra hour longer into the depths of the night and helping each other prepare for job applications. In short, our international group of friends (E.g. Greek, Polish, Korean, English and Yorkshire) made some great memories together and importantly helped each other grow.

International Bradford

As a native Bradfordian, seeing how international the University of Bradford campus is astounded me, it was like discovering a new world in somewhere you felt you knew intimately. In a sense, I woke up to how international students were imbedded in the area and supported the local economy, whether it was seeing the gathering of Greek students in the Starbucks, the East Asian students buying products from the East Asian superstore in the north part of the city or on a more general note, how the international societies would use local clubs and bars for their society nights.

My University experience took on a notably international style, as I would regularly find myself the only English person at house parties. This was something I loved, finding myself surrounded by people of all different cultures and nationalities. At one particular house party we had the following nationalities represented; Korean, Greek (x4), Irish, Polish (x2), Italian, Bruneian, Estonian, Chinese, English and Yorkshire.

Such experiences helped broaden my mind and acquire a zest for travel, which I was able to fulfil post-graduation by travelling to numerous locations but most notably I was able to travel to South Korea with my close friend Kostas and see our other friend Ji. We would continue to travel together to Bucharest and Poland, essentially having reunions abroad.

How to summarise 6 years of memories into a blog…

It is not truly possible to achieve the above, the paragraphs you have read represent a collection of my memories of University, and, the feelings and emotions which accompany them. I could spend hours talking about my time at University (if drinks were involved that is) and the subsequent post graduation memories I have with my fellow Braduate friends. But, I feel I have surpassed the word limit of a standard blog and do not want my words to outstay their welcome; so, to attempt to encompass everything the University of Bradford means to me as a Braduate, it is somewhere I have found love, friendships, education and enlightenment, careers, dreams, happiness, self-development and growth, contentment and laughter. I imagine many others can reflect on finding similar experiences to me and possibly all of my experiences…

If any of you reading this are fellow Alumni and wish to revisit the University of Bradford, and perhaps, just perhaps, wish to entertain my offer of a drink or two (alcoholic or not) and reminisce  about the University of Bradford, please e-mail me at

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terry carroll

A heartwarming account Thomas. I look forward to seeing you this evening.

Very best wishes



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