Understanding explicit & implicit associations towards hygienic products that can protect citizens against COVID19

The project investigates drivers of acceptance and utilization of hygienic products e.g. face masks or disinfectants in a cross-cultural comparison. Besides exploring explicit attitudes & motives by standardized questionnaires, we utilize the AYB software platform developed at Chair of Marketing and Innovation, University of Hamburg to measure implicit attitudes and behavior towards face mask wearing behavior.

The empirical project consists of two phases: The first survey phase is planned to start June 2020. This cross-sectional study should provide valuable insights for public policy & health communication. A second survey phase is planned for fall to assess attitudinal and behavioral changes. Within this longitudinal study, we also want to analyse the effects of different national communication campaigns & settings on the acceptance and usage of hygienic products.

A partner team of altogether five institutions provides the basis for cross-cultural comparisons both within Europe as well as in comparison to Asia with funding of €18750 from UHH.

Three European partners:
– Prof. Dr. Thorsten Teichert, University of Hamburg, Germany
– Dr. Rohit Trivedi, University of Bradford, UK
– Dr. Claire-Lise Ackermann, Rennes School of Business, France

Two Asian partners:
— Dr. Christiana Yosevina Ratna Tercia, Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Indonesia
– Dr. Hayoe Sun, Zhejiang University, China


Dr. Rohit Trivedi, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Marketing and Director of Postgraduate Studies at School of Management, University of Bradford

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