Update from MBA Director, Natalie Wilmot

At the School of Management, 2020 was a very significant year for us in terms of our relationship with AMBA – the Association of MBAs. As the first modern university-based business school, we have been in partnership with AMBA since 1970 and thus in 2020 we were able to celebrate fifty years of this significant relationship. Although circumstances meant that we were unable to host a physical event as originally planned in order to mark this auspicious occasion, we were pleased to support a 15% scholarship for our Executive MBA in Dubai, which we have now extended to the Executive MBA in Bradford as a way to recognise this partnership.
The past year was doubly significant, because not only did it represent fifty years of working with AMBA, but in September 2020 we had our re-accreditation visit from the AMBA Peer Review Team. There have been a number of changes on the MBA portfolio since the time of last visit, including the withdrawal of our full-time MBA, the introduction of an MBA apprenticeship aligned with the L7 Senior Leader standard for students in England, a significant increase in student numbers on our Distance Learning programme and of course, my own appointment as MBA Director in September 2019, followed by Dr Joanna Pritchard’s appointment in August 2020 as Director of Digital Learning.
We were therefore delighted to not only receive re-accreditation from AMBA, but for the first-time, accreditation from their sister organisation, the Business Graduates Association (BGA), which accredits the entire School, rather than specifically the MBA portfolio which is AMBA’s primary focus. The School of Management was the first School in England to receive this double accreditation, which is a testament to the calibre of management education at the University of Bradford. In addition to the peer review team’s commendation of the focus on social inclusivity and mobility at Bradford, which was seen to be a particularly distinctive feature of the School, they also commended the School’s commitment to responsible management more broadly. Given that we were the first institution globally to launch an MBA which specifically focused on Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy, our emphasis on responsible management is a long-standing one, and it was positive to see this recognised by two such influential bodies as AMBA and the BGA.
Overall, being recognised as an AMBA accredited School is an important hallmark of quality in the MBA market and assures our students and potential applicants of the high standards of education they can expect to receive from our MBA. It not only recognises the contemporary and applied nature of our academic curriculum, but also the extensive support offered in the areas of pastoral support, general academic skills, and of particular importance to MBA students, our careers service.
I’m therefore delighted to share this good news with you, our alumni community who have made such an important contribution to shaping the heritage of the School of Management, and I look forward to sharing further successes for the MBA programme with you all in the years to come.
– Natalie

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