CSI Bradford

Dr Michael Porter from the School of Life Sciences is organising “CSI Bradford”, an event that will turn participants into forensic scientists; extracting DNA, producing DNA fingerprints and finally identifying the guilty party.

Placed in a fictional crime scene, participants will use evidence collected from the murder victim’s body to identify the culprit from six potential suspects.  While the audience uses a range of chemicals and laboratory equipment, Dr Porter will extract DNA using equipment and ingredients found in many households, as well as some other entertaining demonstrations of science in action.

The practical aspect of the event will be accompanied by a theoretical understanding, as Dr Porter explains how DNA fingerprinting came to be developed in the UK, what DNA fingerprinting is and its significance in modern Policing. Dr Porter will also mention some of the crimes solved by this powerful technique and the potential dangers posed by a Jury’s misconceptions.

Dr Porter is a Lecturer at the University of Bradford, specialising in Molecular Genetics and with a background in skin cancer research.  He is also the Admissions Tutor for the BSc in Biomedical Science and the BSc in Healthcare Science degrees.