Face Reading Technology for Lie Detection

Professor Hassan Ugail, from the Centre for Visual Computing at the University’s School of Computing, Informatics and Media, is organising “Face Reading Technology for Lie Detection”. The event will guide the audience through the latest research in lie detection technology, with specialist equipment available.

Using a combination of video and thermal imaging, Professor Ugail’s work analyses facial expression and heat changes in the face to determine when someone is lying. The tool Professor Ugail is developing, unlike traditional lie detecting equipment such as polygraph, is a non-invasive method of detection that can be even used without the participant’s knowledge.

Participants at the event will be able to see the technology in action, as well as gain an in depth understanding of the research that has lead to this development. Professor Ugail said: “Lie detection is not a new idea, for example polygraph technology has existed for years, but what is new is the production of non-invasive approaches. This will be an exciting opportunity for people to have a look at this new technology, and understand further how it works.”

Hassan Ugail is a Professor of Visual Computing at the School of Computing, Informatics, and Media. As well as lecturing at the University he also undertakes research in computer based physical analysis and geometric design.