Pipe Organ Tone: A Window into the Science of Music

Drs Peter and Lucy Comerford from the University of Bradford School of Computing, Informatics and Media, along with Bradford Organists’ Association, are organising “Pipe Organ Tone: A Window into the Science of Music”, a series of event which will explore the structure of sounds.

It includes a variety of accessible events that will cover a range of topics, from elements of musical notes to how sound is heard. Using the pipe organ as an example, participants will be introduced to different aspects of the science of music, and of the work of the University in this area.

Dr Lucy Comerford said: “The aim is to use music as a contact point for people. Everyday activities as well as many artistic and craft endeavours all have a lot of science behind them.”

The work of the husband and wife team, who undertake this innovative research at the University, includes study of the perception of  hybrid organs, which use both pipes and digital sound. They have also developed digital tools for musical sound synthesis, which allow very complex digital sound to be created and “voiced” to complement the specific acoustics of a space.