Robotics Control – Control the Future with a Blink of an Eye

“Robotics Control – Control the Future with a Blink of an Eye” is an event organised by Dr Prashant Pillai from the University’s School of Engineering, Design and Technology.

The event will showcase at least four examples of robotics control technology, and give participants the chance to have a go themselves. A robot that is controlled by eye movement, a robotic arm controlled by an electronic glove, and a touch screen table are a few examples of equipment that will be on display at the event.

Dr Pillai said: “Our main idea for the Festival was to show automated control technology, for example how you can control a robot with your eyes. What we’re trying to do is bring in these applications to see how we can help people in whichever way possible.”

Festival goers will have the chance to experience the kit for themselves, as well as gain an insight into the world of robotic electronics and their potential real world applications. Dr Pillai hopes that this research could one day lead to assistive technologies for people with mobility issues or help with the development of intelligent buildings which can adapt to the needs of visitors as they arrive.

Dr Pillai is a lecturer in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and teaches on a number of courses as well as undertaking research at the University.