Build a Brain

Nearly 45 events are being hosted by the University’s School of Life Sciences, showcasing a range of subjects during the week-long British Science Festival.

Professor Richard Greene, Dean of the School, is organising “Build a Brain”, an interactive event that focuses on brain structure, using modelling clay to illustrate different sections of the brain.

Participants will be guided through building their own model of the brain using blocks of clay to create the different areas of the organ. Scans, diagrams and a range of other models will also be used to illustrate how components of the brain are connected, creating an in-depth understanding of brain structure.

Unlike images and cross-sections, a three-dimensional perspective provides a deeper understanding of the brain, and of how diseases such as Huntingdon’s affect a certain part of the brain.

Professor Greene said: “I’ve had an interest for a long time in making models of the brain, particularly as trying to get a three-dimensional understanding from a two-dimensional picture is very difficult. This approach has proved extremely popular with undergraduates in the past and helped broaden their understanding in a really interactive way”.

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