The Happiness Factor

The Government’s announcement that they intend to track the nations happiness makes this event by Dr Eleanor Bryant and members of the Division of Psychology all the more relevant. They are organising “The Happiness Factor”, a series of talks and a panel discussion exploring the pursuit of happiness. The event will feature both academic and field-work speakers, offering a range of perspectives on the different factors contributing to happiness.

The talks and discussion will cover a variety of topics, from happiness at different stages of life, to the relationship between drugs and happiness. As a specialist in eating behaviour, Dr Bryant will be discussing the issue of body image and weight, and its effects on happiness.

“Aimed at an academic audience, the event will be a thought-provoking discussion with speakers from diverse backgrounds, all focussing on happiness and the pursuit thereof.”

Dr Bryant is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Bradford, teaching on the BSc Psychology course. As part of the School of Social and International Studies, Dr Bryant also undertakes research on eating behaviour, the effects of exercise on children’s eating habits, and the connection between psychology and biology.

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